September 18, 2019

Back to School! What Pair Will You Wear?

School is calling, and it’ll soon be back to those early morning starts! There’s no better time to be looking for those perfectly stylishly smart glasses – whether you need them or not! Want to channel your inner librarian or accentuate that urban-chicness you’ve been honing over recent months? We’ve got your bases covered in our guide for what to wear this school season!

Glasses don’t have to be serious!

Forget what you’ve been told, glasses don’t have to be serious! The right eyewear can make or break your return-to-school look, and our curated collection from this season’s crop of essential eyewear from the world’s leading designers will see you right from lecture hall to recess through to study time and beyond!

Firstly… Engage with a professional!

Schedule an eye exam – at MAGRABi you can take an M TEST for free! Having an eye test is a key part of keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. Optometrists recommend eye tests every two years – although many people take tests more often! As a student, you’ll be focused on books and computer screens for most hours of the day, every day, and there’s no better time than now to start taking care of your eyes!

Be a Material Girl (or Boy)

There was a time when plastic frames, thanks to their durability, were the go-to for school wear. Today though, brands are shaping great looking frames from both plastics and metals – and both are lighter in weight than ever before!

Note to parents: if your child has skin allergies, be sure to ask for hypoallergenic materials – many metals alloys are made this way today!

Back to School!

Then… Suit Yourself!

Make your glasses work for you… your face shape plays a big role in which shape of glasses will look best on you. Here’s a brief guide on pairing one with the other.

Oval face

Given the oval face’s balanced proportions, maintain this balance and go for frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of your face.

iven the oval face’s balanced proportions, maintain this balance and go for frames that are at least as wide as the broadest part of your face.

Oblong face

Appearing longer than it is wide, and typically with a straight cheek line, a frame that is deeper than it is wider will have the effect of shortening a long face!

Heart-shaped face

Wider in the top third than its bottom third, a heart-shaped face suits frames similarly proportioned… and thinner (or even rimless) frames work a treat!

Square face shape

You’ve probably got a fabulous strong jawline and a broad forehead – if you want to soften these, choose a narrow frame… perhaps an oval!

Round face shape

You’ve got similar proportions to a square face, but you’re all curves and no angles! If you want to add the appearance of length to the face… try angular or narrow frames!

Diamond shape face

If you’re looking to highlight your eyes and soften those cheekbones, rimless frames, oval or cat-eye can make great choices!

Who’s Wearing What? Let’s look at four of our favorite classroom types. Which category do you and your friends fall in to?

The Fashionista -Back to school is the highlight of your year (and ours too). You’ve spent the summer pondering your style direction for 2019-2020 and kept an eye on the world’s catwalks and most stylish streets. Follow our guide to pairing frame and face shape, then look for statement colors and styles. Choose frames that can multi-task and will not only look good as you walk through the school gate, but will sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose as you pull that all-nighter cramming for those exams you should have prepped for weeks ago (you know that day is coming!).

The Nerd -The nerd is in (for us, he was never really out!). After too many years of avoiding deep knowledge, ‘knowing’ is back. What’s the nerd wearing? He (and she) are choosing frames that emphasize dark and neutral colors in classic wayfarer, rectangular, and round shapes. Geek chic is one of the hottest trends again this year, and we love it!

The Sporty Type – You’ll be ready for something sleek and certainly non-formal? Lightweight, but heavy on style? We’ve got you covered with both sports active and sports leisure frames. Something that says “if I didn’t have to be behind this desk I’d be on the track / bike / mountain” – and that is bang on trend!

The Individualist – Create your own style! We love this direction – become your own trendsetter by bucking every trend! To others, glasses can make you look cool or like a dork, but they can also change your self-perception. Have fun trying on numerous pairs, and be your own hero!

There are more (many more) styles to choose from here as well as in-store at your nearest MAGRABi location.

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