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October 01, 2018

MAGRABi's #EmpowerYourVision Campaign Takes Social Media by Storm

As the leading eyewear and eye care brand in the Middle East, with over 220 stores in the region, MAGRABi launched its first major campaign bringing together some of the most prominent influencers on the Middle East’s social media sphere. Fatima AlMomen, Ascia, Tamara Gabbani, Mariam Yeya and Nour Arida take on centre stage at this gripping and powerful campaign that focuses on women empowerment through a social and cultural message of #EmpowerYourVision.

The campaign video, released on June 3rd, is an ode to women of the region, and is built on an empowering message: One which emphasizes on having a strong ‘vision’, as in the ability for a woman in this region to imagine and plan her future the way she envisions it.

It’s no secret that the Middle East region is experiencing cultural changes, breaking barriers and setting new standards for women’s roles in society. “I strongly believe that women can be both graceful yet strong, poised yet fearless. I see women in our region having that engrained and so much more… and I salute that,” says Chérine Magrabi, Communication and Creative Director and member of the MAGRABi advisory board talking about the essence of the new campaign.

“Each of the influencers chosen were interviewed and each of them openly shared personal stories and were transparent about their own battles and struggles they faced on the road to success. Each had a compelling story of resilience and courage, and each one embodies empowerment in her own ‘style’. These influencers share similar values to MAGRABi’s. As a brand, we believe in self-expression, gender equality, creativity, in dreaming big, breaking the norms and last but not least, in having a vision,” Chérine elaborates on the reasons for selecting the influencers for this campaign.

As an Egyptian/Saudi company, that has already been applying and upholding equal gender pay policies since its inception in 1927, and employs women in key positions in top management, it is only natural that MAGRABi would celebrate these positive changes for women and milestones in the region.

The campaign evokes the question on how we see and perceive women while challenging the audience to look beyond the first impressions thus inviting each and every person to celebrate their true selves. Through its creative narrative it shows how women from all walks of life fight their own, yet similar, battles in order to live the life they choose. And now is the time to be seen, to shine, to be bold, to express their own style and to thrive.

While showcasing MAGRABi’s diverse offering of eyewear in chic and edgy visuals, the main campaign video centres around a powerful script, and is recited or rather performed by female talents (in English & in Arabic). An original musical composition comes in to add a charged emotion throughout the vibrant scenes, where certain ‘milestones’ are depicted.

Initiated by MAGRABi’s Creative Director, Cherine Magrabi, with an entirely Middle Eastern women-led team behind the campaign, from the creative leads and marketing managers, to the director, producer and photographer. The campaign’s message is not one of ‘liberation’ or of ‘uprising’, but rather a personal and socially driven message of celebration, and of encouragement to face the unknown, to challenge the ‘new frontier’, to show your potential as a woman, and to never be held back in expressing yourself, accomplishing your ambitions and dreams, or staying true to your very own ‘vision’.

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The MAGRABi Company was first established by Dr. Amin El-Maghraby in Egypt in 1927. Proudly following in his father's footsteps, Dr. Akef El-Maghraby continued investing in the field of eye care services, and lay the foundation for MAGRABi Hospitals and the MAGRABi Retail Group, thus bringing the MAGRABi name into prominence. With more than 150 boutiques across 5 countries, and with 20 pioneering MAGRABi Foundation hospitals focused on vision and eye health research, MAGRABi is the Middle East’s leading fashion eyewear and medical eye care specialist. Throughout the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt, MAGRABi boutiques and eyewear concept stores are home to a carefully curated collection of eyewear styles and designer brands, as well as the most advanced contact lenses available.


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